• Leave a Gift in Your Will or In Memoriam

    We know that your first priority when leaving gifts in your Will is to provide for your loved ones, but if you have some of your estate left over after taking care of loved ones you may consider leaving some to a cause close to your heart.  By leaving a gift in your Will to The Bridge Trust you will be joining us in helping those who are homeless to regain their independent lives and move into a safe warm home of their own.

    People become homeless for multiple reasons, relationship breakdown, increased rent, personal difficulties. Frequently this means they have lost everything, their home, their support network, a safe place to sleep at night, hot meals, their self-respect, and all too often their lives are cut short.

    Leaving a gift to The Bridge Trust will help those who are homeless well into the future. It will allow people who have lost everything to feel safe and respected. It will allow us to continue to provide them with somewhere safe and warm to live with the support they need to rebuild their lives. Your Legacy will give them a chance to live a full life.

    “I have had some bad experiences when I have slept on the street. Now I am under the wing of the Bridge Trust I am starting to address my problems and plan for my life. I am very thankful that I now have hope for the future”

     “I therefore would like to take this opportunity to give my thanks to all the supporters and friends of The Bridge Trust, all the team at Quarry Hill Road and a special thanks to the Support Team, without who’s constant support I would not be here now.”

    You can download our legacy leaflet here:


    Do I need to make a Will?

    Making a Will allows you to make sure your estate will go where you wish it to and your loved ones will be cared for.

    What is a Legacy?

    A Will is an important way of helping people in the future, after you have passed away. Once you have taken care of the people you care about you may consider leaving a gift in your Will to charity.  This is called a Legacy.

    How will my gift be used?

    Your gift will be used to provide good quality accommodation and support to local people who are homeless. It costs us £500 to provide accommodation with support for one resident for one month. Your gift will help us to provide urgently needed accommodation and support and allow people who are homeless to regain their independence and move on into a home of their own.

    How can I make a Legacy?

    We recommend you speak to a solicitor. You will need our name, address and charity number: The Bridge Trust 17A Quarry Hill Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN9 2RN Charity No. 1050291

    What types of gifts can I leave in my Will?

    Residuary Request:
    This is a certain percentage of what is left of the assets after all other gifts have been paid. This means that if your circumstances change its value is not affected by inflation.

    Pecuniary request:
    A specific amount of money.
    Specific request:
    An item such as a painting, jewellery, property or shares.

    Reversionary Gift:
    You can leave part or all of your assets to someone, under the understanding that once they pass on the assets will then be passed onto an organisation or another person.

    What if I have already written a Will?

    If you have already written a Will and wish to make alterations to include a gift to charity there is a simple process to do so.  A solicitor can draw up an amendment called a Codicil to attach to your existing Will.  Adding a Codicil to your Will means there is no need to change the terms of your current Will.  You will need to keep your Codicil with your Will. It is important that a solicitor does this and that you don’t make any changes to your Will yourself or it could become invalid.

    How does inheritance tax work and how does this affect my Legacy?

    When someone passes away all of their assets make up their estate.

    If the value of your estate is under the £325,000 threshold* inheritance tax is not charged.

    Any value above the £325,000 is charged 40% inheritance tax.

    If 10% of the estate is left to charity then the inheritance tax is reduced from 40% to 36%

    Any gifts left to a charity in the Will are exempt of the inheritance tax. That means that we will receive 100% of what is given in the Legacy.

    *Everyone has different circumstances, and there are other complications which can affect your inheritance tax and the threshold amount. We advise you speak about your personal circumstances and wishes with your solicitor or financial adviser. For more information about inheritance tax you can visit https://www.gov.uk/inheritance-tax

    Do I need to inform you if I decide to leave a Legacy?

    No you don’t have to, but we would be grateful if you could.  This way we can keep a record of it and we can thank you for your generosity.

    In Memoriam

    If you can, why not let your friends and family know that your would like them to leave a gift to The Bridge Trust instead of flowers at your funeral?

    You can download our In Memoriam leaflet here:

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