CEO’s Blog – 16/09/2015

Good Charity/Bad Charity

Charities have had some bad press over these last months, with the public voicing their objections to some practices. Cold-calling and other hard-sell methods adopted by some charities, like charity muggers -“chuggers” as they have come to be known, have come in for criticism. There has also been some dismay over the level of some charity senior staff salaries and there has been the high profile closure of a London children’s charity, with allegations of bad management. Many are calling for more transparency from charities and this is not unreasonable given that we are asking the public to help fund us! As with any business, charities do need to be run professionally, but we are different from other businesses and we therefore have a duty to be sensitive to how we appear to, and indeed treat, the public or the public will stop supporting us! At The Bridge Trust, I hope we get these things right. We don’t cold-call, we don’t employ “chuggers”, all staff salaries are benchmarked against the market place and our Financial Report and Accounts has to state if any staff are paid over £60,000p.a, and no one at the Trust is paid anything even remotely close to that figure. As to whether we are managed properly and professionally, well I would urge you to read our Annual Reports and Newletters as I believe that our results, our outcomes and ultimately the number of people we have supported from homelessness to independence stands as testimony to that.