CEO’s Blog – 13/11/2018

What “World Day” is it Today?

We have so many “days” these days – Homelessness Day, Mental Health Day, Ladies Day and so many more. In November alone there are over 20, including (wait for it) “World Toilet Day”. Yes it’s true, World Toilet Day that expounds “toilet users’ rights to a better toilet environment” – I mean, really! So what’s today’s “day”? Well Tuesday 13th November is World Kindness Day and as “days” go, it’s quite a useful one I think. Many say that “Love makes the World go Round”, and expressions of kindness, especially random acts of kindness, are a reflection of love – love for each other, which is something that has always been in short supply in our world.

In the New Testament the new commandment given by Jesus was to “Love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:34-35). I don’t think anyone could deny that if we all loved one another then the majority of problems with the entire human race would cease to exist!

Coming to my point is that acts of charity are acts of kindness and indeed the definition of “charity” in the Oxford English dictionary includes: “The voluntary giving of help to those in need” and “Love of humankind, typically in a Christian context – faith, hope, and charity” So how about consciously making a random act of kindness to someone TODAY?

Maybe you might walk past a homeless person on the street – someone you have maybe walked past before? Just stop and say good morning and ask them how they are. Maybe offer them a coffee or a sandwich. It may be the one conversation they have all day with another person! Maybe YouTube can give you some inspiration.

Here is a link to the videos showing some random acts of kindness – be inspired:

Good luck in being kind, charitable and loving to your fellow man – hopefully not just today but maybe today could kick start a new approach to kindness from now on – I’m sure you will find it’s rewarding for all.