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The Bridge Trust is a UK registered charity that has been supporting single homeless people in West Kent since 1991. We have helped over 5,000 homeless people with advice or accommodation and support. ..... click here to read more about our history and work.

There is still much to do for homeless people in West Kent, and by working together with the local authorities and other charities and agencies we continue to make a difference to people's lives by helping them to achieve independence and have a home of their own.

Our Services
  • Supported Accommodation -We provide accommodation for a total of 23 single people, in 5 houses...read more . View our Admissions Policy here. Please also read our service introduction, view our handbook and see what our accommodation charges are. If you wish to apply you can print our Application form here and send it in by post, or if you prefer click here to fill it in online, save it and then send to us by email.

  • Supported Move-on - Following a successful period of support in our accommodation, we can help you move-on into your own home ..... read more

  • Advice - We can give you advice about housing options etc..... read more

  • Mediation - Many homeless situations are caused by a relationship breakdown. Our Mediation service can help restore a homeless person to their original home ...... read more
We also make available to our residents a Resource Centre to help them plan their way back into independence and their own home.

Need Our Help?

If you are homeless or are in threat of becoming homeless and think that we may be able to help,
then please
contact us