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    The Bridge Trust has been supporting single homeless people in West Kent since 1991. We have helped over 6,000 homeless people with advice, accommodation and support. Significantly we have housed over 700 people in that time.

    There is still much to do for homeless people in our community, and by working together with the local authorities and other agencies we continue to transform people’s lives by helping them to achieve independence and have a home of their own.

    To read more about our history and achievements click here.

    In 2015 The Bridge Trust received a grant from the Lloyds Bank Foundation, who also chose us to make a video to showcase the sort of work they were funding.  The Trust went on to win one of their charity awards for work “Against the Odds”.

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CEO’s Blog – 10/01/2018

Our Own Kind of GraceI have one of those desk calendars at work which has some of those inspirational sayings for each day of the year.  My version is a Christian one and on the day I write this it says:“The meaning of life.  The wasted Years of life. The poor choices of life.  God answers the...

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